We are the world’s largest cooperative of independently owned professional tree service companies. We work together, as a unified organization with some of the world’s largest power and cable companies, federal and state government agencies, real estate developers and insurance companies to take on huge projects that no single tree service operation can accomplish alone.

Simply put, we act as a central dispatch, providing tree service jobs that do not have to be sold or negotiated. All work is pre-approved, sold and waiting to be completed.

We have spent years developing job management and tracking software, specifically tailored for the tree service industry.

Our automated software dispatches jobs to UTA members through e-mail or SMS text message and provides enterprise level management of jobs from start to finish.

Upload photos, generate invoices, upload expenses, request payouts, download payment history and much more from a simple easy use interface, accessible from any type of device.

When a tree falls on a house, the insured calls their insurance company.

The insurance company then calls United Tree Alliance.

Once notified, UTA goes into action.

Jobs are dispatched by county to UTA members by email or sms text message.

Once a job is accepted, the UTA member accepting the job gains access to customer's information such as property address, claim number, brief job description etc.

Customer receives a call, informing them of the UTA member's company and contact name that will be arriving to their property.

UTA member arrives to remove the tree(s) from the structure and cover any damage with a tarp water barier if necessary.

Job are provided to UTA members on a first come first serve basis.

There is no obligation for a UTA member to accept any given job at any given time, there will always be another UTA member available to take on the job.

We have strength in numbers.

We pay members by check or direct deposit in two weeks or less from job completion, guaranteed.

The most difficult part about the tree service industry, especially when working for insurance companies, is the uncertainty and long waiting period before getting paid. 

How does United Tree Alliance help? What is our main difference?

We eliminate this painful process by paying members within two weeks or less, guaranteed, even if it is out of our own pocket.

We are all on the same team. We keep the cash flowing and business rolling because we understand. Together we are stronger.